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President and CEO

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A number of personal and business circumstances, some timely and not so timely lead me to be involved in the Wingdam Project and ultimately, overseeing the successful completion of the bulk sample of what was a very rewarding project.

Historically the Wingdam deposit had, for the past 116 years defeated the miners, who had attempted to mine, using conventional underground mining methods, the alluvial gold deposit. The historic record indicated that the orebody was rich but due to sudden cave ins and the infamous “cariboo slum” the ore body remained virtually unmined. Infrastructure such as the “Deep Leed channel was constructed at considerable cost to facilitate gold recovery but the continuous and complete mining of the deposit had not been accomplished prior to CVG taking on the Project.

The sole purpose of the CVG project was to substantiate the grade of the gold bearing ore body. To facilitate this and knowing that conventional mining had not worked in the past CVG introduced and utilized ground freezing to stabilize the ground to be mined. Literature searches found no information that would suggest that this had been accomplished anywhere else in the world for an underground placer deposit.

The frozen ground would allow for the safe drifting and extraction of ore. If successful, the project could then be considered for full production.

The end result was that the freezing technique worked and the grade proved to be as rich as the historical data suggested.

In summary I respectfully acknowledge the contribution of Al Basham, Herb Robertson and Don Bernard to the acquisition and early success of the project. Also, my thanks to the miners, consultants and the many supplies that helped to complete a very rewarding and successful project.


The Wingdam Project is currently owned by Omineca Mining and Metals Inc. Please visit their website for more details. For further information, contact:

Charles (Chuck) Downie, President of Omineca Mining and Metals Inc. at:

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Responsible for all aspects of corporate and day to day project management of a gold exploration and mining development project in the Cariboo Region of Central British Columbia.


Rescan Office and Projects Manager for BHP Billiton’s Saskatchewan Green Field Potash mine development. Responsible for project co-ordination, budgeting, staff supervision and business development.

Acting in an expert capacity to the Clifton Team responsible for review, assessment and recommendations on the modernization of existing Province of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Environment, programs delivery.

Continuum Resources Inc. responsible for environmental affairs for Silver, Gold and base metal exploration projects in the State of Oaxaca, Country of Mexico.

Manager of Environmental Compliance, Community and First Nations Relations

Shore Gold Inc. Diamond Exploration Project Province of Saskatchewan. Responsible for the Administration of the Environmental program, Primary stakeholder’s relations and First Nations relations for the Shore Gold Inc. diamond exploration project.

Department of Northern Affairs, Government of Saskatchewan abandoned Uranium Mines decommissioning and reclamation. Responsible for site characterization, project planning, contract administration, budgeting, licensing and First Nations involvement in the reclamation and decommissioning of abandoned uranium mines in Northern Saskatchewan.

Municipal Waste Water Effluent Development Committee responsible for the harmonization of Municipal Waste Water Effluent Regulations in Canada.

Responsible for administration of Environmental Regulations and Compliance and internal and external Department governmental affairs in the following sectors:


Current Work History


October 3rd, 2012 to Present

Advisor to Omineca Mining and Metals Inc. on aspects for putting the Wingdam Project into full production.


May 15th, 2009 to October 2nd, 2012

President and CEO of CVG Mining Ltd.

President and CEO of 101136288 Sask. Ltd


December 1, 2008 to May 2009

Office and Major Projects Manager

Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Operations

Also responsible for the day to day operations of the office and business development.


May 2008 to November 1, 2008

Environmental Consultant

Clifton Associates Ltd


January 2008 to May 2008

Consultant to Continuum Resources Inc.

Project Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Manager

State of Oaxaca, Mexico


October 2005 to August 2007

Consultant to Shore Gold Inc.

Environmental Co-ordinator

Star Diamond Exploration Project

October 2004 to October 2005

Projects Manager – Mineral Sector

Saskatchewan Department of Northern Affairs

Duties include; hiring of contractors for site characterization of environmental issues related; to water quality, geochemistry, hazmat analysis, radiation health and safety surveys, demolition of buildings assessment, supervision of contracts, review of reports, licensing, communication with local First Nations groups, liaison with other government agencies both provincial and federal, licensing and formal reporting and fiscal management.

Overall estimated cost of the project was 24 million dollars over three years. Result would be to have sites that have significant environmental and health and safety issues decommissioned after being abandoned for nearly forty years.


December 1997 to Oct. 2004

Department of the Environment

Province of Saskatchewan


December 1984 to December 1996

Senior Project Officer – Uranium, Base Metal, Potash Mines Section

Province of Saskatchewan

October 1978 to March 1983

Environmental Technologist

Eldor Mines (Cameco)

Rabbit Lake Uranium Mine, Saskatchewan


June 1975 to October 1978

Keith Consulting Engineers

Lethbridge, Alberta

Irrigation Technologist


Professional Development


1983 – 1984 1st Year Environmental Studies

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


1975 Engineering Technologist Diploma

Water Sciences Technology - Kelsey Institute

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Community Service Positions Held


Interests and Hobbies



About CVG Mining Ltd.

Home telephone: 1-250-994-3200

Cell telephone: 1-250-255-3308

Email: Leonard Sinclair

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